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Propfire can be used by anyone who needs to create proposals. But we’ve provided ready made content for digital marketers, web designers, seo, ppc and social media marketers that they can quickly import and use right away.

Great question! Propfire is very different in a fundamental way.

All the other apps start off by having you choose a design template and then modifying it and inserting your own content. You’re basically working in a wysiswg design editor.

With Propfire you never have to deal with a design editor or interface. All you do is input (or import) your content and it automatically generate a professional, great looking proposal. That makes the proposal creation process much faster, easier and more efficient.

Yes! All you need to do is copy a few lines of code and paste it into your site. Clients will then be able to view the proposal on your website and sign it there too. (and we’re pretty sure the other proposal software apps don’t let you do that.)

No! No credit card is required to register for the 14 day free trial.

Prices range from $8 a month for 10 saved proposals up to $25 a month for unlimited proposals. In other words, if it’s going to help you create even one successful proposal worth thousands of dollars, it’s a pretty darn good deal :)


If you don’t have the unlimited plan and you reach your proposal limit, you can either upgrade or simply delete one or more of your proposals to make room for new ones.