If you’re a digital marketing agency owner or a freelancer or consultant offering digital marketing services, you probably have a list of different services you offer, including web design, seo, social media, email marketing, content marketing…and more.

When you sit down to create a proposal to present to your client, the content of that proposal will vary based on the needs of the particular client. Some clients might only want seo, while others might want all or some combination of your services. This makes using a single template for all of your proposals impracticable. And you definitely don’t want to have to create a proposal from scratch for every new client.

What you really need, as a digital marketer, is to have a way to easily select and include the specific services your client wants and automatically generate a proposal from it.

As a digital marketing consultant and agency owner myself, I totally understood the need to mix and match specific services for different client proposals and I felt the pain of having to spend hours or even days creating these proposals on Google Docs.

That’s why I created a way for digital marketers to easily select the services they want to include and then generate a proposal automatically.

Here’s how it works:

You initially input each of your services and categorize them. For example, you would create the category of SEO and then input something like – “Perform extensive keyword research.” I call these content snippets.

To speed up the process I’ve created a whole set of content snippets for digital marketers that includes web design, seo, social media, content and ppc. You can easily import the relevant content snippets with a click of a button and then modify them as you like.

Once you have all of your content snippets inputed, you are ready to rock.

When you find out what services your client wants, you simply check off each category (like SEO, Wed Design etc.).

You can then select or eliminate specific content snippets within each category to make sure you’ve got the right services for the client.

After that you’ll only need to add a timeframe and pricing, and BOOM…you’ve got your customized proposal!

Of course, you can then print it out or share it as a pdf or as a link.

But best of all, you can actually embed your proposal into your own website by just copying a few lines of code and adding it to one of your web pages. Then you can share a link to your own domain with your own branding.

It’s really that simple.

Here’s a video that quickly goes through the process:

For more videos please go to our support section here.


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