One of the greatest features of Propfire is that you can use it to create proposals super fast. But it’s also a great tool for creating highly customized proposals when speed is not your objective.

Just today I had to create a proposal to win a potential client worth around $60k for the year. Of course I used Propfire — I mean, hey, I built it after all. But I didn’t want to use my content snippets because I wanted the proposal to be highly customized. I felt that I needed to start from scratch to make sure the proposal was just right. Hey, 60k is nothing to sneeze at!

The way to use Propfire without using your content snippets is to create a blank proposal. You can watch this video to learn how to do that. Then I simply typed (and pasted) my content into the new proposal form.

Even though I didn’t take advantage of the content snippets, I still got the benefits by using Propfire over Google Docs:

  1. My logo and company info was already in the system.
  2. The formatting of the proposal was done automatically.
  3. I could embed the proposal on my own website.
  4. My client could sign the proposal on my website.
  5. I now have the proposal stored on Propfire and can easily duplicate and then modify it for a similar client.
  6. The process was much faster and less stressful!

Here’s a video on this:

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