Web Design Proposal Pricing Guide

Creating proposals is often challenging for web designers, whether you’re a freelancer, consultant or digital agency owner.

The main challenges you face are: ContentFormat, Pricing.

As a web designer, you’re probably awesome at design. But when it comes to writing and formatting a proposal so that it’s clear, concise and professional, you might not be so sure about how to get the job done to win the deal.

To solve the first two challenges, we’ve create professional web design templates with all the content you’ll need to create a web design proposal.

You can use the content as is, or easily modify it to your specific requirement, and have an awesome web design proposal ready to present to your clients in minutes.

To help you price your web design project so that you make more money, we’ve created a comprehensive ebook called, The Definitive Guide to Pricing Web Design Projects to Make More Money.

In this ebook you’ll learn valuable strategies and tactics you can implement immediately to start pricing your projects so that you can earn the type of money you deserve, instead of getting forced to discount your prices in a race to the bottom.

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